Customer-Facing Features for Engagement
and Simple Self-Service

No matter the time, place or channel, CloudCraze connects your customers
to the products, services and information they need.

Commerce Engine

Customer and market dynamics change rapidly. CloudCraze empowers your business to meet these demands with robust features that support omni-channel engagement:

Advanced Pricing

to support global pricing strategies and customer contracts

Multiple Catalogs & Entitlement

enforcement for customer and global go-to-market strategies


to grow revenue and increase brand and customer satisfaction

Guided Selling

to personalize product and service selection


to meet changing business and consumer dynamics

Internationalization & Localization

for global expansion and market development

Experience Management

Your customers need to access contextual information quickly and easily, at the moment of demand. With CloudCraze, we give you the flexibility you need to build the most engaging, relevant and contextual digital experience:

  • Pixel-perfect, mobile-first experience for control and modern engagement
  • Multiple, uniquely branded storefronts supporting your brand and global need
  • CMS integration with solutions like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)
  • Salesforce Lightning to streamline and marry community strategy with commerce
  • Social commerce click-to-chat, social sharing and purchasing

Payment, Order and Subscription Management

At its core, CloudCraze allows you to engage directly with customers. Our order and subscription management features automate payment and post-order customer experiences. We support the customer and customer service team no matter what the channel of engagement:

Checkout & Ordering Rules

ensures the perfect order

Walleting & Payment Support

streamlines order processing

Invoice Presentment & Management

facilitates revenue management

Order & Subscription Lifecycle

provides visibility and management of orders and subscriptions

Order Orchestration

across third-party suppliers and back-office systems

Administrative Framework

A low-code solution, CloudCraze makes it easy to administer and manage omni-channel commerce.

  • Point-and-click administration for platform and storefront management
  • Market Exchange, our private AppExchange for technology and functional add-ons
  • Analytics and reporting on omni-channel commerce activity
  • Rich, well-documented RESTful and Salesforce Global APIs
  • Workflow engine automating the commerce lifecycle from cart retargeting and onboarding

"We have been able to increase [first-time-right orders] by 300 percent."

Steven VanDamme
Barry Callebaut

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"We realize businesses are ordering more online every day,
so we're excited to offer a new online ordering solution with CloudCraze on Salesforce."

Marta Dalton,

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"A benefit of having CloudCraze on Salesforce... is that it’s fast to deploy."

Lori Jarchow

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