Digital Commerce for Software and High Tech Industries

Transforming B2B Customer Engagement in a Software-as-a-Service World

With the shift from physical product sales to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, software and media companies recognize the value of engaging customers online and participating in the subscription-based economy. Successful companies benefit from increased subscription sales, automated renewals, recurring revenue and improved customer loyalty, all while reducing costs.

But to outpace competition, businesses need a channel for selling SaaS or subscription services in a way that meets the complex needs of today’s business buyer.

With CloudCraze, companies can offer customized, flexible commerce solutions designed to address the industry’s unique buying and selling needs:

  • Streamlined channels for new customer sales
  • Automated renewal processes for current customers
  • Marketplaces for buyers to engage with partners
  • The ability to sell a variety of products and services from one easy-to-use site

“Fully engaged customers deliver a 23% premium over average customers in share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth.”

Source: “B2B Customers Have Feelings Too” Gallup Business

Sell online anywhere, anytime, on any device with your fully branded, mobile-ready storefront.

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