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Why CloudCraze

Global brands like Adidas, GE and Kellogg’s use CloudCraze because we are the most robust enterprise commerce solution native on Salesforce. With CloudCraze, businesses can generate online revenue fast, stay connected with customers, and easily scale for growth.

  • Fast

    Deploy your mobile-ready digital store fast. With SaaS commerce built on the most trusted cloud platform in the world, CloudCraze allows you to deploy commerce to start generating revenue quickly.

  • Scalable

    Enjoy infinite flexibility to extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere. Because your commerce is on the cloud, you can meet business and customer needs globally as you scale with market demands.

  • Connected

    CloudCraze gives you unprecedented access to data and insights that drive customer engagement. Enable seamless interactions across commerce, sales, marketing and service for unified and informed customer experiences. See everything at the same time, and always be 100% connected.

"We realize businesses are ordering more online every day,
so we're excited to offer a new online ordering solution with CloudCraze on Salesforce."

Marta Dalton,

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"We have been able to increase [first-time-right orders] by 300 percent."

Steven VanDamme
Barry Callebaut

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"A benefit of having CloudCraze on Salesforce... is that it’s fast to deploy."

Lori Jarchow

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