Built to Serve. Built to Scale.

By harnessing the power of the Salesforce platform and combining standard and custom objects, we extend the functionality of Sales, Service, Marketing and Community Clouds with native commerce. This gives businesses a 360-degree view of their customers and a robust commerce solution with a data model built to solve for the unique complexities of B2B commerce.

Complex. Sophisticated. We make it easy.

Enterprise B2B relationships are complex, interconnected and intertwined with multiple layers. We recognized this, and built our catalog and pricing entitlements around sophisticated go-to-market strategies.

We make it easy for sales and service to map to customers relationships, equipping them with smarter insights that improve customer engagement in a true, omnichannel and contextual way.

Account & Account Data

Who is buying and where it's delivered

Product Data

Personalized & content-driven sales catalog

Pricing & Entitlements

What can be purchased and at what price


Stored and transactional payments


Order detail, payment terms and invoice state

Promotions & Offers

Offers, pricing, product or service promoted in context of journey


Multi-cart experiences and quick-ordering templates


What was ordered, payment, shipment and taxation methods to support order lifecycle

User Presentation

Internationalization, menu, featured products and other display data


Terms, payment, products and services to support the subscription

Commerce Everywhere

CloudCraze connects buyers and sellers in a more intricate way, with every level of engagement, contextualized and supported by a data-driven experience. By combining an API-first architecture with today’s demands for micro-services, our platform supports your front- and back-office service strategy to take advantage of innovation like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. Commerce everywhere translates to a more connected, rich and engaging customer experience that drives revenue and satisfaction.

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As ‘good IT citizens,’ CloudCraze’s componentized architecture goes beyond API-first design to support your existing or future data service preferences. This provides rapid inclusion of new functionality.

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